At the beginning of a project, we meet to understand what your priorities are for your renovation or addition.  We work to understand how you use your existing spaces, which aspects of these spaces you would like to maintain and which you would like to alter, and what qualities you would like to see in your new space.  Do you have a hierarchy of public and private spaces in mind?  Do you have particular views you would like to capture or relationships between rooms you would like to emphasize?

I then measure and photograph the existing building, and from these measurements develop a three dimensional virtual model of your home from which I derive base drawings for the design.

Schematic Design and Design Development

During the schematic design phase, I will produce several layout options for discussion and review.  In general, this phase is worked through with hand sketches until we come to a clear direction for the design.  Once the design is more established, we enter the design development phase, where the layout is refined using hardline drawings and three dimensional visualizations.


Once the basic design is developed to your satisfaction, preliminary pricing may be obtained from professional contractors. During this phase, I produce a narrative description of the project scope as well as outline specifications for key materials and finishes.  If desired, I can help you review estimates received from contractors.

Construction Documents

Once a contractor is selected, I will generate plans, elevations and sections for construction, incorporating any changes or feedback that result from the pricing phase. Where relevant, I will also review the plans with the structural and mechanical engineers to ensure that the drawings are coordinated.

The outline specifications developed for pricing will be expanded, and I will generate detail drawings of custom components within the design as required.  Construction documents will be reviewed in person with you prior to being submitted to the contractor for permitting.

Construction Administration

Once the project is under construction, I will be available to answer contractor questions and will visit the site as required.




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